Celia Lostrego

Beaded Rustic Ceramic Necklace

39 EUR / In stock.
This stunning, one of a kind ceramic beaded necklace is made of a black clay. Each handcrafted ceramic bead is burned under 1000 degrees twice - before and after glazing with non toxic ceramic glazes. Surprisingly comfortable and easy to wear, this is a perfect all-day necklace that would add something unique to your favourite jeans and shirt, but would also work perfectly as a statement piece, when your style is slightly fancier. 

Necklace lenght:

The beads are hanging on a very resistable dark brown rope that has two tiny and elegant knots that you can move. The maximum lenght is 75 cm and the minimum is just as your neck ! 

The materials:

Every bead is slightly different size : from 1 cm to 2.4 cm. 

As every piece in this store, this necklace is one of a kind and unique, I never repeat my creations in order to maintain them more like a "wearable art".